Colorado Startup Incubator Meetup



The Colorado Startup Incubator (CSI) is an organization dedicated to supporting innovation startups as they progress through the stages of starting a successful new business. CSI provides the entrepreneur and new venture team with a nurturing environment and a roadmap to the successful startup process and startup sensitive services to support them all along the way to achieving their personal and business objectives.




·         Role & Responsibilities

·         Personality Traits – Knowing What to Expect, Assessing Your Capabilities, and Preparing for the Challenges




·         Conception – Ideas/Inventions/Process ImprovementsΰBusiness Opportunity

·         Strategic Plan – Proving I Have a Viable Business

·         Operational Execution – Chartering Team & Program Execution Leadership




·         Phases - Seed, Series A/B/C ΰ Strategic Alliances, M&A, IPO

·         Sources - Entrepreneur, SBA, F3, Angels, VC, Investment Banks, IPO

·         Instruments - Shares, Convertible Debt, Due Diligence, Term Sheets


Resources – Early Stage & Later Stage: Coaching


Professional Services:


·         Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching

·         Strategic Planning – Market Research, Go-To-Market

·         Facilities

·         Legal – Enterprise Formation, IP Protection/Prosecution, Audits

·         Accounting – Operational Management, Taxation, Investor Due Diligence, and BI

·         Banking

·         R&D – Agile Software Development, Prototype ΰ Short Run ΰ Mass Manufacturing, and ISO

·         Product Marketing – Channel Specific Promotion & Product Training/ Enablement, eMarketing

·         Field Operations – Direct Sales & Support, Indirect Manufacturers Representative, Distribution [VAR/VAD], Sales/Support, Implementation/Install, & Maintenance, eSales

·         Administration – Order Processing, Customer Service

·         Support Services – R&D, Program Mgmt, ERP, SCM, CRM, BI, Admin

·         Access to Investors & Investor Pitch Services – Presentation Preparation & Training




·         Proving I Have a Viable Business

·         CEO, R&R & Leadership & Team Building

·         SBA Loans & Grants

·         Angel Investor Pitch Prep, Term Sheets & Due Diligence

·         VC Investor Pitch Prep, Term Sheets, Due Diligence

·         Investment Banking Pitch Prep, Term Sheets, Due Diligence

·         Exit Strategies - Alliances, M&As, and IPOs



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