Prism Business Development Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophy

“Industry Leader in Developing Highly Successful Sales Operations"


Enable clients to generate profitable revenue growth with continuous improvement to ensure sustainability!


Continue to be a world class leader in providing guidance to our clients in building and adopting  the following cultures:

  • Customer-Centric service orientation
  • Continuous Improvement


We are experts at providing the skills and tools successful sales professionals use to successfully identity, qualify, close opportunities resulting in consistent, market share, revenue and profit growth.

We deploy these tools and fine tune sales support systems (i.e. BI, SFA, CRM) to optimize the focus and alignment of sales processes to the customer’s buying processes.

Values - Uncompromisingly Committed to:

  • Outstanding Customer Success
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Hard Work Ethic
  • Enabling People Growth
  • Teamwork & Stakeholder Partnerships
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Personal Accountability
  • Unwavering Integrity


Prism believes in developing its client's market leadership capabilities through the adoption of "Customer-Centric Service" and "Continuous Improvement" cultures. Where needed, Prism makes use of its Initiative Program Management professional and staffing services, to bring about client paradigm shifts as clients move to become "Customer-Centric Organizations™". The Program Management services are based upon "Enterprise Architecture", "Process Engineering", "Change Management", "Project Management", "Management By Objectives", and "Six Sigma" methodologies.

Prism Icon

Prism Business Development adopted the Prism Icon to emphasize how important it is to have an organization understand their vision, mission and values, and align their departments (colors) to support the customer experience optimization, thus achieving highly focused impact (white light) in the market place. The Prism team members are experts at customer requirement specifications, cross-functional department operations, processes, methodologies, best practices, staffing the right person for the job, skills training, plus arming staff members with necessary aids and tools. Prism experts start with the vision of a successful sale, walk backwards through each of the client's department's operations to ensure that they contribute to the customer-centric culture and thus enable the sale to happen!