You want to learn how successful Marketing Managers are leveraging CRMs to deliver sales tools that optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sales Professionals in achieving revenue, margin and market share goals.

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You may be surprised as to how far the CRM has advanced in support of Marketing Management's ability to focus sales activities on ideal customers in ideal industries that have high likelihood of buying their products and services.  These Marketing Managers also know and understand the sales model, provide the tools needed to support the solution selling activities of the sales professional, team with sales to follow-up on leads, provide real-time competitive analysis, monitoring of products/services/programs market acceptance and customer partnerships relative to market requirements, beta tests, being a reference, success stories and executive exchanges.

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Work with SBUs to bring great products with high-customer value to market through ideal channels in a timely manner

Work with sales leaders to adopt SBU business goals, using commission plans and programs to focus and support the sales model execution

Provide the tools needed to support the solution selling activities of the sales professional including Product/Service Training and Marketing Programs

Develop case studies and customer success stories highlighting, What, Why, Where, When and How targeted ideal customers  perceive "Reasons to Buy"

Provide Marketing Programs to Handle "Reasons Not To Buy" (i.e. customer incentives to take action now, provide funding alternatives and proof of concepts)

Identify and populate CRM with ideal customer industries, accounts and contact information, insights as to customer situations and key business issues

Delivery promotions that allow customers to recognize and identify their situation, underlying problems and your company's proven ability to provide solutions

Generate customer "Looking" leads, transfer to sales to follow-up, and determine lead quality and recommendations to improve

Provide real-time Competitive Analysis with competitor sales strategies, tactics, and guidance as how to avoid competitor mine fields and how to lay mine fields

Be responsible for monitoring market acceptance, diagnosis of root cause problems and prescribing corrective action remedies

Gain recognition and capture company awards for your SBU, Marketing and Sales, Sales Support, Implementation and maintenance team members

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