"Sales Fast-Ramp Services™"

If your Sales Team is needing to overcome sales performance slumps, we have discovered that the single biggest problem is lies in not having a consistent, well articulated sales model appropriate for the sales team to execute and the rest of the organization to rally around and support.

Our research has shown whether you are building a new sales team or improving your existing sales team's performance, defining the sales model and getting everybody supporting it from the board room, to the entire cross-functional team, to the sales force team is the most important next step to take.

Prism has developed its "Sales Fast-Ramp Services™" to achieve this paradigm shift in the shortest amount of time with long lasting results.  To accomplish these results Prism works closely with the following:

  1. Sales Management to define the best Sales Model to achieve the desired results
  2. Sales Management to facilitate the paradigm shift and to galvanize stakeholders in sales, support, service, product/service marketing, training, marketing communications, cross-functional program team, business unit and senior staff to synchronize their thinking and support the Sales Model
  3. Sales Management to consistently reinforce the Sales Model execution: setting sales goals, establishing standards of performance, monitoring performance against defined sales model activities.  Performance monitoring include: Lead Management/Territory Planning/Account Planning/Opportunity Management/Pipeline Management/Sales Model Activity Execution. 
  4. Sales Management to improve Sales Model diagnosis, management reporting and corrective action capabilities
  5. Sales Management and Training to develop the sales model skills, knowledge and attitudes
  6. Marketing and Training to develop sales guides to enable sales channels to sell the products/services with the chosen Sales Model.
  7. Marketing and Training to post a "living" version of compelling "sales guides" on intranet blogs with RSS notices of updates for the sales professionals to respond to shifts in market conditions especially competitor tactics and rapid deploy innovative marketing programs
  8. Marketing and Marketing Communications to increase market awareness, consideration and hit-rate (predisposition to purchase your products/services) and drive business to your channel's doorstep
  9. Business unit and senior management to adopt support the Sales Model execution in their business focus and dealings, sales professionals and customers

The Prism "Sales Fast-Ramp Services™" Services provides coaching/mentoring/component and/or complete project services and has a proven track record of achieving aggressive sales goals in the shortest possible time.

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