Early Stage Business Management Mentoring

Early Stage Business Management

To enable Early Stage Business Management to:

  • Provide clear communications of the business vision, direction, team member roles and responsibilities, market definition, identification of ideal customers, product/service capabilities, value proposition, and how sales engages with the customers, company financials as appropriate.
  • Clear communication as to the business model and sales model.
  • Clear communication as to the strategic alliances and customer-business value delivered
  • Develop personal plans that dictate the business plans
Prism customer benefits include ability to:
  • Gain focus and a plan to achieve your personal objectives
  • Bring alignment and focus to employees, alliance partners and other stakeholders
  • Provides basis for business development, financing and setting customer expectations

Leadership Peer Board

To enable the Early Stage Business Leaders to:

  • Have a safe private forum to share challenges you face draw upon the collective knowledge, experience and management insight of a private Leadership Peer Board of other business leaders in the same relative geography
  • Obtain private one-on-one coaching monthly
  • Have access to private adviser, coach, and/or mentor to assist when struggling with immediate challenges

Prism customer benefits include ability to:

  • Get focus and regular review of your personal plan and your business plan
  • Obtain a track to achieve your personal and business goals and a board committed to your success