Planning - Enterprise Architecture

"An Introduction To Enterprise Architecture: Second Edition"

An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture is intended to support the development of new courses on Enterprise Architecture (EA), as well as to enhance and update existing courses on business strategy and planning, information systems analysis and design, operations research, government planning, change management, knowledge management and project management.  Typically these courses are offered in graduate programs or the later part of undergraduate programs.  Though it is not a prerequisite, students using this book may benefit from having prior business management and/or information technology (IT) knowledge.


EA is as much about the purpose, structure, and functioning of medium and large size enterprises as it is about the systems and technologies that support these enterprises.  The concept presented in this book are applicable to the work of executives, managers, planners, analysts, and support staff in enterprise in both the public and private sectors.


The Definitive Enterprise Architecture Model - A Must for ALL Organizations wanting to be focused, aligned and "Having Pure White Light Play in the Marketplace".... consistently delivering the Highest Customer Value"


Sales - Solution Selling

"Solution Selling"

Fundamental processes and methodologies for learning the Solution Selling Process.

Provides the alignment of the Selling Process to the Buying Process.  Precise definitions for the stages in the selling process for use in execution and sales management coaching... activities, tools and verifiable outcomes to move opportunities through the selling cycle or  pipeline management and significantly increasing forecasting accuracy.  Provides the methods to develop "trust" based customer relationships, increasing deal size, margins, penetrating accounts and developing customer loyalty... shortening selling cycles.


The Definitive Definition of Solution Selling - A Must for Sales & Sale Management Professionals.


Sales - Solution Selling

"The New Solution Selling"

by Keith M. Eades

Fundamental processes and methodologies for learning the Solution Selling Process.

Update to Solution Selling - A Must for Sales & Sales Management Professionals. 

Solution Selling Concepts, Creating New Opportunities, Engaging in Active Opportunities, Qualify, Control, Close and Managing the Process



Sales - Solution Selling

"Solution Selling Fieldbook"

by Keith M. Eades

Companion workbook to The New Solution Selling.  Provides much needed sales aids, sales tools: templates and information to facilitate use of Solution Selling. 

Account Management

"Large Account Management"

We highly recommend reading this book to get an understanding of how to develop relationship management for large accounts.  This book clearly defines the objectives, strategies and tactics in developing customer-value driven selling and achieving Win-Win results.  We believe that this is the best definition as to the what and why of solution selling, customer-driven selling, and customer-value selling.  In addition, this text provides roles and responsibilities of the large account relationship manager to the entire organization with a clear understanding as it relates to senior management and cross-functional team support.

 Sales - Sales Model Objectives

"Hope Is Not A Strategy"

Complete outline of the selling process objectives.  Covers strategies, tactics and thought processes.

Provides a check list of key questions to be asking at all stages of account planning, opportunity management and solution selling.

A Must for Sales & Sale Management Professionals.


 Customer Value Marketing

"Tuned In"

Are you guessing what your customers need?  

Are you wasting time and money building, marketing and selling solutions your market doesn't value?

Then Get Tuned In

 Marketing, Public Relations & The Internet

"The New Rules of Marketing & PR"

Excellent treatise on the roles and responsibilities of marketing and how the Internet has taken the lead on communications with customers.

Gives excellent perspective as to the proper sequence of developing a spot-on customer communications strategy.

A Must for Marketing Professionals with Targeted Customers Using the Internet

 Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing & Marketing

"Go To Market Strategy"

Excellent treatise on the the thought process on bringing products/services to market - Advanced Techniques & Tools for:

  - Selling More Products/Services

  - To More Customers

  - More Profitably

Gives excellent perspective as to the proper sequence of elements to consider..

A Must for Planning and Marketing Professionals

Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing, Marketing & Sales

"Market Research & Validation"


Market Research & Validation Blog



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