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Bootstrapping your sales & marketing team:

Three suggestions guaranteed to yield success: Promote, Target and Solution Sell!

  1. Regarding Promotion my suggested reading includes:  

    Marketing, Public Relations & Internet PR
    Excellent treatise on the roles and responsibilities of marketing and how the Internet has taken the lead on communications with customers.
    Gives excellent perspective as to the proper sequence of developing a spot-on customer communications strategy.
    A Must for Marketing Professionals with Targeted Customers Using the Internet

  2. Regarding Targeting

    First determine what industries/customers would benefit the most from using your capabilities... target them... then target early adopters within the targeted industry (hard to penetrate but, they conceptualize faster and are always looking for a competitive advantage)

  3. Then Solution Sell

    Know customer's definition of success, educate your customer to recognize that your capabilities provide them a competitive advantage... business/personal benefit in achieving their goals...

    Deliver the promised benefits... consistently deliver the highest customer value!

    Leverage your successes to open doors of the customers who follow early adopters.

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