You want to learn how successful Sales Operations Managers are using CRMs to arm and enable sales professionals to achieve sales goals effectively and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

The Sales Operations Manager (SOM) is a proven Sales Professional who uses broad cross-functional business experience and analytic/business process expertise to represent sales throughout the entire organization on behalf of Sales Leadership.

You may be surprised as to how far the CRM has advanced, when properly configured and populated, in support of the Sales Operations Manager's ability to focus and streamline sales model execution to ensure success in achieving sales leader's strategic and operational goals.

Read on to find out how you can find out how to optimize success by becoming a top-notch Sales Operations Managerů just complete and submit the attached Information Request Formů

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Work with SBU to bring new high customer-value products and services to market stating features and functions
Work with SBU to identify ideal customer industries, why these customers will buy (benefits), and the channels they would prefer to buy from
Understand SBU strategic objects and operational goals and translate them into sales resource deployment, coverage, territories, quotas and compensation
Work with Channel Sales to develop and enable ideal customer preferred sales channel partnerships consistent with the sales organizations sales model
Work with Marketing to arm and enable Sales and Support Channels to identify ideal customers, key contacts, key business issues and "Reasons to Buy"
Work with Marketing to develop and communicate to sales marketing programs to eliminate customer "Reasons Not to Buy"
Work with Marketing to promote company, capabilities and customer success stories to ideal customer industries and generate "Looking" leads
Provide sales with Looking leads, track customer engagement, lead quality and market acceptance of company, products and services and promised benefits
Work with Marketing to Analyze Point of Sales (POS) information to identify patterns that indicate high likelihood of closing business and sharing with sales
Work with Sales Leadership, Sales Management and Sales Support Management to continually enhance the sales model
Work with Training to enable new sales, sales managers and sales support personnel to understand and effectively use the sales model
Work with Training to enable new sales and sales support personnel to understand and effectively use the organizations administrative systems
Work closely with IT to provide the easy to use, highly effective CRM tools to support goal focus, collaboration, sales model execution and reporting
Work closely with Marketing and IT to provide mission critical sales activity tools (i.e. real-time competitive analysis, cost justification/financial analysis tools, etc.)
Work closely with Sales Managers to track leads, market acceptance, pipelines, forecast accurately, recognize and reward team member successes
Provide access to senior management to escalate and resolve problems, and to provide management visibility in tracking strategic and/or major opportunities
Supports the Sales Leader in managing the execution of sales related events (i.e. Kick Offs, territory reviews, account reviews, trade show staffing, etc.)
Work with entire cross-functional team to understand and support the sales model

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