Sales Professional Services

Client companies will be able to develop & execute sales strategic and operational plans integrated with internal partners that maximize growth, revenues, profits and market-share.

Who Do We Support

The Prism Consulting Services are designed to enable the following staff members to be best-in breed drivers of the company towards its strategic objectives & achieving operational goals:

What We Deliver 

The Prism Business Development Strategic and Operational Planning and Execution Consulting Services guide our clients through the processes that will enable the organization to:

Our Mission Statement 

Prism Business Development is committed to being the leader in providing the highest-business-value: sales strategic planning; sales operational planning and execution management; integrated/aligned with all of internal sales support organizations; sales management talent staffing, developing and execution oversight consulting services to enable our clients to be focused, competent and energized in maximizing their ability to clearly see the market potential, galvanize their organization to penetrate and grow business in targeted markets, & achieve balanced performance in achieving company strategic sales goals.

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

Computer Industry include: technologies, standards, trends, strategies, customers & applications: mainframe, mini, engineering workstation & desktop computing, peripherals, operating systems, networks, styles of computing, software development, middleware, databases, consulting services & maintenance services.

End-User Industries includes: aerospace, biotechnology, chemical, distribution, education, engineering, finance, & accounting, healthcare, insurance, discrete & continuous manufacturing, pharmaceutical, professional services, state, local & federal government, transportation. 

Specific Prism Business Development Consulting Services Include: 

·      Sales Operations Management - Internal Organizations Partnerships:

·      Sales Operations Management – Sales Leader/Manager Partnerships:

Also available, via Prism Business Development Resource Network Services:

Staff (average over 20 year’s experience):

When you need common sense sales execution with proven results, call Prism Business Development Consulting Services at:

(720) 304-2784

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Service Delivery Optionns

  • Simple Capability Assessments and Recommendations for Improvement
  • Advising, Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Operational Audits
  • Interim and Long-Term Staffing
  • Turnkey Project Management

If you have any questions please contact us via email

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